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~Blue Haven~

Short Short Short Fiction Time!!!

Looking anxiously out the window, I held on to the handle of the city bus as it turned here and there. Standing in place, I consciously held on to the handle and my books avoiding eye contact with the other passengers. As the bus made it's way onto a longer straighter stretch of the road, I felt small hands cup my eyes from behind. It was a woman. I could feel her full breasts pressed against my back.

She kissed me on the back of my neck and whispered in my ear. "Imagine this is page one of a new book, my dear," she said. "Do you want to experience the rest of this particular book?"

"Well yeah," I mumbled, turning to face her.

She was short, maybe five-two, small, curvy, perky, blonde, and a few years older than me, maybe be 10 years older if I guessed right. She was something, something I'm guessing most men would never ignore.

"Ok, come to my church," she said. "We meet at midnight on Saturdays at the old city graveyard."

I thought to myself there would surely be others who found religion in ways like this and there might surely be worse ways to find religion.

I asked, "Why the old city graveyard?"

She smiled, "You'll have to meet me at church if you want to read more of this particular book, my dear."

Her pearly blue eyes made me want to go to church.

"Is this normal for your church, to invite strangers on the city bus?" I asked.

She said, "You're no stranger to me. I know you get on this bus every Saturday morning at 10am and you take the long ride down to the public library where you spend most of your day reading books before you catch the bus again and return back. You see dear, I know you better than I know anyone else on this bus. So will you be there?"

"Will I be there at the old city graveyard tonight at midnight for church?" I asked. "No," I said. "I will not be there. This is my stop. Bye."


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