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Letter/Poem to my HOA

Playing in the Grass

That Smells like Ass


One day after playing in this small patch of grass,

I noticed that surely I smelled like ass.

Normally one would expect to smell like grass,

After playing in a nice patch of grass.

How did I come to smell like ass?

Was it me or was it the grass?

It was not me that stunk of ass!

Alas but the smell came from the grass!

I ventured to inspect the smelly grass,

To discern why it smelled like ass.

To my horror I discovered it was not the grass,

But someone’s TURDS that smelled of ass!!

It’s not right to leave TURDS in the grass.

Those who play in it will smell like ass.

How nice it would be to play in grass,

That was clean and didn’t smell of ass.

Please remind our dog owning neighbors to pick up their dog crap. Why would they think it's okay to walk their dog down to my house and let it crap in my yard? City ordnance prohibits this. Plus there's an empty field less than 100 yards from my house. WTF HOA? Also, dog crap is not biodegradable. It's toxic!

~V. Allen

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