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Homeless People...

I just got out of the house today... I’m not doing much of that lately. I needed to take my daughter on a tour of the local law schools in the DFW area. I’m already back inside... wore my mask, sanitized my hands, stayed away from people.

While out, we noticed so many homeless people in the streets of Dallas and Fort Worth today. Seems like the number of homeless people is increasing fast...homeless families, homeless young people...homeless vets... We have probably run out of space in the DFW area homeless shelters. I have never seen it this bad in all the years I have lived in Dallas. I saw it with my own two eyes today and it was shocking. Scary.

I wish there were more we could do for our citizens. Perhaps we could open up the FEMA emergency shelters like we do for hurricane evacuees. We’ve never really thought about using those as long term shelters, but maybe this could help some people. What is a bigger emergency than this? We are approaching 500,000 people dead in this pandemic. All the loss of jobs and the tragic impact that is having on people with a terrible economy is an even bigger emergency than any hurricane we have ever seen. People are losing their homes and people are being evicted. Part of my Federal Job is related to emergency response for the Southwest Region.

I guess we can be glad the winter weather in Dallas this year has been very very mild.

Someone should reach out to the Federal Agencies like FEMA and USDA and find out what it would take to activate emergency shelter resources.

400,000+ dead as of today? Millions unemployed and homeless... What emergency has ever been bigger than this? Growing homelessness and unemployment? A blooming pandemic... What emergency crisis has ever been bigger than this? We need the full efforts of the Federal Agencies. If not now, then when?

I know there are some restrictive politics in TX at play, but this should be pushed not just for TX, but for all suffering communities nationwide.

I could have added a picture or a few to this article, but out of respect for the people struggling I don't want to add their pictures here. You can google homeless shelters and camps in your area and I hope you will then consider what you can do to help in some way... even spreading the word and sharing the plight is a way to help.

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