This is a two-part project.

First, I dedicate part 1 CNSEV Tormalinas Lost, a short-short story, to my one and only daughter, Ashleigh. Ashleigh wrote a short-short story for me about alien bugs when she was about eight years old. She asked me to finish that story for her. I told her I would. My current project is her story idea about a teenager who uncovers an alien invasion. She will need to enlist the help of her friends to do something about it. My CNSEV short story is a tangent from Ashleigh's original idea. I’ll finish writing out the first full-length book in a series of books inspired by her original story later in 2017. I know I’ll at least have one book sale and one fan. And if I get one positive review after that, I will call the project a huge success.

CNSEV Tormalinas Lost  short story FAQs and Author Insights

Why did you chose to make CNSEV Tormalinas Lost a short story rather than a full length novel?

I wanted to write this story highlighting more tension and action. I may stretch it out one day, but I would have the crew of the Tormalinas going on extra adventures if I did that. Maybe a few run-ins with pirates and other deep space scavengers would be fun to read about.

Can you share more about Portal Navigators?

I created a new job title for the future. These are people who, because of their high imagination intelligence ImQ, do not  suffer dark space deliriums when exposed to dark space. In the future, space crews use dark space portals to travel great distances. The Commonwealth of Nations, a collaborative group of aristocratic nation states that survived the dark space contamination of Earth, assign two Portal Navigators to each vessel for redundancy.  In deep space, crews enter hypersleep to travel. They use portal displacement stations to jump from station to station, covering 1000 times more space than they can cover in hypersleep. Portal Navigators stay awake and active during portal jumps. This ensures vessels arrive where they should, when they should, and only Portal Navigators have ever passed through dark space awake without losing their minds. 

Is it true that Portal Navigators are always women?



Men don't have the mental capacity to survive dark space. Every man tested in the earliest days of portal displacement trials lost his mind. 

Seems there's more to know.

Yes! There's tons more to know about Portal Navigators and dark space. I'm working on a full length novel School's Out Forever (working title) where we can see the very earliest days of portal displacement testing gone wrong. One project at a time, so don't expect to see this novel finished for a few years...maybe by 2020.

Explain bleep.

Bleep is a swear word in the future. I thought if I'm writing a future space sage that occurs 300 years in the future, then why would we expect future people to use shit, damn, asshole? No one used those words 300 years ago before today. I thought it would be great fun to just drop bleeps all over the story. If you don't get it or you don't like it, then go bleep yourself and write your own mother bleeping space saga. Deep space in the future is no bleeping place for bleeping bleeps. In the future bleep is one of the worst words to say aloud, reserved mostly for deep space vessel crews and the very colorful people of Mars, mostly. 

What advice do you have for writers?

Wow! Okay...Think of your work as art and as a marathon and not a sprint.

1. Start writing.

2. Try to improve your art.

3. Do your best.

4. Finish the project.

5. Share your work.

6. Don't be sensitive to criticism or rejection.

7. Repeat.

In CNSEV Tormalinas Lost, a short story, 

The Commonwealth of Nations Stellar Exploration Vessel 119, CNSEV Tormalinas is a ready-for-anything galactic xenoarchaeological exploration vessel. Exploring the deepest, darkest corners of the galaxy for treasure has its risks and rewards, profits and losses. In this tense adventure, the crew of the Tormalinas encounters a new lifeform and a horrific game of kill or be killed ensues.

Thank you for reading and for leaving positive reviews. ~Van

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