CNSEV Tormalinas Lost  - Chaos in Space                ***One of my personal favorites!

I Tawt I Taw  A Putty Tat - Alien Conspiracy                    

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Outbreak Survival: The Rules - Zombie Apocalypse Preparation     

Zombie Outbreak Survival: Hive Incident                   

Zombie Outbreak Survival: Get It Right Or Die

Zombie Outbreak Survival: Weaponology and Gun Control

Zombie Outbreak Survival: What's Left of America

Zombie Outbreak Survival: Make America Great Again



Jasper and Van                    

The Old Man in the Hospital               ***One of my personal favorites!

The Secret Society of the Great Pumpkin

My First Bike      (Coming in 12/2017)

Non-Fiction (Business)

I/O Psych - Business  Best Practices

Hire the Right People and Win Big                    

Employment Discrimination - Case Studies (Coming Soon by 12/2017)

Workplace Bullying

Improving Corporate Diversity - My Graduate Thesis

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