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My popular short story tribute to health care workers and life savers was read professionally by BOB on on his recent podcast. Please go here to listen to the audio-recording (free download)...

The Old Man in the Hospital

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On hold potentially indefinitely due to a legal consent decree issued by the White House. Consent decree expires on 02/20/2020.

Legally required statement: My internet claims which began in 2010 about President Barack Obama being an extraterrestrial overlord were fabricated purely for entertainment purposes. I do not possess any real proof of his extraterrestrial origin.  

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Van Allen Fiction by Screaming Weasel Productions is my latest work. I'm a former Captain in the US Marines who now writes thrillers and futuristic adventures, including stories with conspiracy theories, alien invasions, space wars, and of course the zombie apocalypse. In my 21-year military career, I developed expertise in combat training early on and then in criminal investigations later on. While in the Marines, I completed a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Texas A&M University and a Masters in Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Originally from Houston, Texas and currently residing in Frisco, Texas, I fancy myself a secret physics, statistics, and data nerd. I'm also known today for being a part-time tennis strategy and coaching genius…by my kids…sometimes.

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